when you are pregnant, nothing else should be allowed in the mind because these are the impressions which the child will carry for his whole life.

The child is not just a part of your body, it is part of your mind too. It is nourished by your body, it is nourished by your thoughts, it is nourished by your emotions, it is nourished by your inner vibe!

When the mother feels sad, the child feels sad. When the mother feels happy, the child feels happy, because the child has no independent existence yet: it simply vibrates with you.

So when a woman is pregnant she has great responsibility. It is not only a question of your being happy or not, because that is not such a big thing: you can be unhappy and come back. But the child is learning, absorbing, and that will be his whole life’s reality.

Motherhood means creating future generations of people. When you have such a privilege and responsibility, it must be conducted consciously. – Sadhguru

During pregnancy, it is very important that the body, mind, and heart are kept in a pleasant state.
In this culture there has been an elaborate system as to how to take care of a pregnant woman – a whole protected system. Once a woman became pregnant she was taken care of like a precious jewel. This was done because the kind of impressions she puts into herself also goes into the child. If she is in such a pleasant state, she will provide the best possible situation for child to flourish.

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